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Cooling Mask

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MAXIMUM PROTECTION: All-Season 7 layer Adjustable 3D Cooling Mask with inbuilt 5 layer filter that has exhibited 99.8% BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) for increased protection. Nose grip and triangular cut makes sure mask stays in place. Extension which covers your face for more protection. It is reusable and washable. UPF 30+ Protection from the sun’s UV Rays.


ONE OF A KIND COOLING MASK: Brrf Cooling Mask keeps you cool & refreshed in the hottest of environments. Avoid heat stress and stay comfortable even when temperatures rise with the help of this Cooling Mask. The mask gets cold and stays cold for hours!


COOLS INSTANTLY : The cooling panel when activated with water, cools to upto 15 degrees below body temperature in under a minute. There are no complicated instructions here. Activate quickly in 3 steps. Step 1: Detach the cooling panel/gaiter from side snap buttons. Step 2: Gently wash cooling panel/gaiter with water and wring to remove excess water. Step 3: Attach cooling panel/gaiter back to mask and adjust your fit using elastic cord.  Stays cool for hours. To reactivate the cooling process, just redo all the steps. Works best in low humidity.


ADJUSTABLE FOR ALL SIZES/MULTI-PURPOSE USAGE: Adjustable Cord for a custom, secure fit. One size fits most men and women. Tiny elastic drawstring. No-Slip drawcord provides a comfortable fit. Wear comfortably around your neck and pull up when needed. Cooling Mask stays in place and won't fall on the ground or get lost. Great for all activities like Sports, Working, Vacation, Outside work, Cycling, Motorcycling, Running etc. Could be dropped down on shoulders when not in use, for eg.: eating, drinking, running or while performing any kind of physical activity.


MAXIMUM COMFORT: Our breathable inside cotton mask fabric absorbs your sweat and feels good on the face and skin. Worn below ears and keeps ears and nose from pulling or causing any rashes and could be worn for a longer time. Anti-fog for people with spectacles.