FAQ's – Brrf


1. What happens to the body in increasing heat conditions? 

When warming up, the body starts to sweat. In most cases, this is sufficient, but when the body is exposed to heat over longer periods or increasing temperature, this happens -

  • Sweat and transpiration will increase, clothes get wet
  • Heart rate increases
  • Feeling uncomfortable
  • Getting tired
  • Lose concentration (up to 40 %)
  • Getting agitated
  • Get a headache
  • Ability to react slows down, imply un-safeness
  • When exposed to heat for too long:
    - Muscles will cramp
    - Concentration becomes harder 
    - May faint or worse:
    The body’s process of fighting heat is called ‘HEAT STRESS’. It is easy to avoid with cooling products. Stay comfortable, perform better and stay safe.



2. Advantages of Brrf cooling products?

At the Office -  

  • Productivity will increase
  • Feel less tired or uncomfortable (sweat)
  • In hazardous environments, stay safer

Sports Performance - 

  • Will increase approx. 10% for professionals *results may vary
  • For amateurs, even more: Help with workouts over time. Longer exercise times, more muscle buildup, and more weight loss
  • Restore your muscles quicker



3. Are Brrf cooling products wet?

Yes and no. Some of our products are dry. The clothes and skin will stay dry while other products have to be soaked in water. It may feel a little moist, but the clothes will stay dry. 


4. Which Brrf cooling product is suitable for my situation?

All our products will help the body cool down. Check out our website to find the right cooling product for your situation or application.


5. Are Brrf products safe to wear and use?

Absolutely. Brrf products undergo rigorous testing and are deemed completely safe for wear and use. In fact, renowned physician Dr. Rahul Badwaik has provided his seal of approval, confirming that Brrf products are doctor-endorsed and entirely risk-free. You can rest assured knowing that you're investing in a doctor-approved solution for all your cooling needs. [Assurance Letter]