About Brand – Brrf

About Brand

Brrf was born out of the desire to provide the right tools to fight heat and allow one to control their environment regardless of the ambient conditions, allowing them to maximize their potential and keep them cool. There are raincoats for the Monsoons, and clothes for the Winter, but few people have wearables to protect them from the Heat.
Founded in Mumbai, India we know the challenges faced in hot environments because we live this reality for most of the year! Making smart clothes that combat heat stress and help maintain the body’s natural thermoregulation is key. 
Developing and manufacturing innovative personal cooling technologies and products to create the best possible solutions that will help keep people comfortably cool and avoid heat stress symptoms. Each Brrf design solves real problems. No matter what the day is Brrf can elevate the performance in unexpected ways. Imagine the profound impact that can have! 

"Cooling is essential to perform multiple activities and staying comfortable"  


Our Mission

We aim to provide the most economical way to ensure that you always have the desired cooling at your fingertips and can survive through any difficulty. Creating energy-efficient cooling technologies that do not contribute more to global warming and climate change. By reducing the need for air conditioning and space cooling, we are helping reduce the amount of energy required to cool an individual and ultimately lower carbon footprints for the environment.
Brrf wants to help people lead an active lifestyle. Our products cool down the body instantly, keeping it cool for hours. We are committed to helping professionals look, feel and perform at their best every day. We create technically advanced apparel and products that feature an unmatched combination of comfort, durability, function and style, all at an affordable price.


Our Bodies Reacting to Heat 

The body’s normal core temperature is 37-38 degrees Celsius. When it heats up due to physical exercise or external heat, the body reacts by increasing the blood flow to the skin’s surface. Sweating begins and as it evaporates, the body cools down. So, the more sweat, the more the body has to work. Energy is directed to this process of cooling down, which means, other areas have to cope with less energy.
Heat kills more people than any other weather-related event and global warming and climate change are making these extreme events even more dangerous. 
  • Loss in productivity
  • Loss of income
  • Longer breaks and more 

A study conducted across 70,000 factories in India, saw a 4% drop in productivity, for every degree increase in temperature above 27 degrees!

At Brrf, we believe that what you wear affects how you feel and how you perform.
The poor are the most affected by heat stress as they don’t have access to AC and are required to do more outdoor and manual work. Hence our foremost priority is to make products both functional for better performance and comfort. Ensuring products are economical too. 
Workers with PPE and other protective equipment, also bear the heat challenges. People with medical conditions who are unable to regulate their body temperature or always feel hot need personal cooling. For sportsmen too, the big challenge is to perform at their best in hot conditions, which also affects their health.

Technical Collaboration for Phase Change Material (PCM) Products

Brrf has forged a partnership with Pluss Advanced Technologies in India. Pioneers in Phase Change Materials(PCMs) with over 17 years of expertise in research and development of PCMs. The savE® range of Phase Change Materials offered by Pluss coupled with Brrf's wearable technologies for thermal comfort forms a strong synergy to offer sustainable and energy efficient wearable tech solutions.